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In & Around Los Angeles

This is the real Los Angeles. The one that normal people live in.

Let's face it, LA gets a bad rap. We're hoping to change that. It is a tough city to crack and outsiders don't "get it" - heck, many locals don't either. It takes time to understand our city, to appreciate how eclectic it is. Once you do? You'll learn to love Los Angeles just like we did.

On this site you'll find handy neighborhood guides for those of you who are new to the area, off the beaten path but must see tourist spots, beach guide, insider hole in the wall restaurant faves, a bit of history, where to find nature in the city, baby friendly LA tips and more.

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Los Angeles is huge. We don't cover everything. This is a small sampling of what LA has to offer and is based soley on our opinions. We live here, we love it here and this site explains why. In other words, no, we aren't another useless advertising directory.

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What do you love about LA?

Do you love LA? Share your LA story and upload a photo.

See what others have shared and share your own LA memories and favorites here!

This is the site that I wanted to find back when I was new to the area. A real person guide to the city from someone who lives here and loves it...and plans to stay. My husband and website partner is a Los Angeles native, so in case you were worried that I lack credibility by not growing up here, don't worry, he's got that part covered. You can read more about how we came to love our city on our about us page.

If you have your own top secret favorite local spots that you think we are missing, please contact us and we'll add it to our "go exploring" list! We promise not to share it with too many people. Just all four nine of our readers.

In other words, welcome to Los Angeles! Whether you are planning a trip here, planning a move here or if you already live here, there is much to discover on this constantly growing site!

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"I just found your new site and I'm laughing out loud with how right on it all is. Looking forward to reading more as you add to it."

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Disclaimer: The reviews of places and things on this website are only our personal experience. We are in no way associated with any of the places we review and therefore will not be held responsible for experiences that differ from ours. Visit them at your own risk. If you have an experience that is different from ours and/or don't agree with our views, we apologize. I guess the world, even Los Angeles, is full of differing tastes and views, who knew?
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