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Hike to the Batman Cave!

batman cave OK, so do you remember the Batman Cave entrance that you see from time to time in those old 60's Batman TV shows? Did you know it is local and easy to access?

Yup, with an easy hike, this little part of LA and Hollywood history can be explored on your own. In fact, its such an easy hike, a short stroll really, that this is a family-friendly LA attraction that very few people know about. Heck, I've lived here most of my life and didn't know it was right there in Griffith Park until recently!

Yup, its in Griffith Park. I bet you aren't surprised. If you've lived in the LA area for long, you probably know all about Griffith Park and its great observatory, miles of hiking trails, LA zoo, trains and train rides, ponies and more. Yes, Griffith Park is a great LA resource.

Well, many years ago, there were rock quarries all over the area, supplying much of the stone and rock that was needed to build this city of ours. While the quarries aren't used anymore, some of the "caves" left behind remain, including the famous Batman cave. The cave has been the site of filming of countless shows and movies since then, but its Batman roots are probably the most famous.

griffith park griffith park

The cave, also called Bronson cave because it is up in Bronson Canyon, is easy to access with a short hike that is only about two thirds of a mile round trip. So if you are looking for a big workout or hours of entertainment, this isn't the place. But it is particularly good for families with small children since they can't hike that far typically. Dogs are allowed on these hikes as well as long as they are on a leash. The cave is not huge, its basically a tunnel that passes through the mountain with three small exits on the far side. So don't worry, you can't get lost in it and it is not dangerous.

To get to the Bronson cave, simply follow Canyon Drive in Griffith Park all the way up to where it ends. Ahead of you is a gate with hiking trails beyond. To your left you'll see a small parking lot. Park there if you can find a spot. If not, backtrack a bit to find another parking spot. If you are at that parking lot, look across the street and to the right a bit and you'll see the beginning of another trail that winds up the hill across the way and up to the right. Follow that trail and you can't miss the cave!

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