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Larchmont Village, Los Angeles

Larchmont Village, Los Angeles is a sleepy little neighborhood shopping boulevard filled with quaint little shops and surrounded by beautiful homes built in the 1920s. I used to work on Larchmont Blvd and loved getting to know everyone in the area.

larchmont village los angelesThere is a very neighborhoody vibe here, lots of families with little ones in strollers and people seem to know each other. Mostly white (and Jewish) and affluent, but not in the "look at my Prada purse and plastic surgery" way that other affluent neighborhoods can be, people here are much more down to earth and just plain friendly.

Larchmont Village is unique because it is completely surrounded by residential areas - Hancock Park and Windsor Square which are two of the most well-preserved (and beautiful) historical neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The lots are big, the lawns are green and the houses are beautiful architecturally - most built in the 1920s and not many have been messed with - aka ruined.

larchmont blvdThere are apartments in adjacent neighborhoods that fetch reasonable to hefty rents but it is well worth living somewhere that is safe and walking friendly. The boulevard is bustling on the weekends and during the farmer's markets (Sundays from 10am - 2pm) with families out walking, shopping and getting coffee. Larchmont is often described by residents as a "hidden piece of San Francisco in LA" and I can see where they are coming from.

Larchmont Village is changing though as more "big chains" force their way in, like Blockbuster and Pinkberry and others that honestly I cringe about when I think of the mom and pops who have gone. Overall, it is still predominately independent businesses though. So far. Keeping my fingers crossed.

larchmont village

If you want more info, check out the Larchmont Village, Los Angeles neighborhood association for a bit more history and a list of local businesses on the boulevard.

If we had a few million laying around, this is one of the first areas we'd look to purchase a home.

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