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Pan Pacific Park, Los Angeles

Pan Pacific Park is right between the Hancock Park neighborhood and what is now called the Fairfax District. It is a large park spanning several city blocks and has seen some major improvements over the last several years. doesn't suck anymore!

pan pacific los angeles pan pacific park los angeles

They have cleaned it up, planted more trees and the whole park just feels a lot more green and alive now than it did just five years ago. There are lots of jogging paths and sprawling grassy areas with trees in addition to the baseball, basketball and other designated sports areas.

pan pacific renees place pan pacific park

They've also added a whole new play structure area called Renee's Place which is named after the chief of staff for the district who worked her butt off for 30 years to make the park better. This is right at the entrance near the Beverly parking lot and was designed to be fully accessible and includes seperate play areas for ages two to five and five to twelve-year-olds. In the hot, hot summer, the misting play fountain is loads of fun - so bring a change of clothes for the little ones if they like the water.

Pan Pacific park is always filled with families on the weekends, using the barbecue pits and hosting birthday parties. We always joke about the abundance of guys pushing those ice cream novelty carts around. You can't throw a stone without hitting one. They do seem to run out of the good stuff so if you don't find what you want with the first one...head to the next cart!

In addition to the usual outdoor park stuff, there is an ampitheatre, senior center, a pool and a recreation center.

The parking lot off Beverly is pretty large and we can always find a spot even on the weekends.

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Have fun & don't forget your cash for a bomb pop or other popsicles!

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Pan Pacific Park

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