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Rancho Park (or Cheviot Hills Park) Los Angeles

Rancho Park (or Cheviot Hills Park) is very beautiful and especially if you enjoy golf, as it is located right next to the Rancho Park Golf Course. It looks huge due to the golf course and is huge but most of the park is for designated sports use (baseball, tennis courts, basketball, golfing, etc) and this is my biggest pet peeve with many Los Angeles parks. However, there are still lots of green open areas to explore and relax in.

rancho park cheviot hills rancho park los angeles

This is a beautiful park because it is so very green with old growth trees everywhere and there are other reasons that we do truly love this neighborhood park. Lots of folks bring their dogs here and there is a small play equipment area for kids in sand. There are barbecue pits, a stage and even an archery range. They also have an indoor pool, but I have to admit, it is a really creepy looking pool and not a place I'd be jumping into.

rancho park playground rancho park stage

The place where this park excells though are all the programs they offer. In addition to the usual sports stuff, they also have art, ballet, music, watercolor, yoga and more. There is even a coop pre-school at the park which we considered sending our son to that focuses on outdoor play. This park really helps bring the community together so for this reason we'll cut it some slack. Of course, if yo love sports then this park might be paradise to you as it is.

Rancho Park/Cheviot Hills Park has a July 4th fireworks display every year that has been our local quiet spot of choice since it is within the city and not crowded like the beaches. Families round up and have picnics earlier and then stay for the fireworks.

Parking is not usually a problem as there are a couple different parking areas which is a bonus.

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Have fun!

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