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Classic & Famous Restaurants in Los Angeles

We love these classic and famous restaurants in Los Angeles, and you will too. Well, you'll love them if you love good food and a bit of history anyway. These aren't the latest trendy places (well, some coincidentally are "rediscovered" and do trendy for a bit) these are the classic, "tried and true" places that have been feeding generations of Angelenos. The places that Pops ate at with his grandfather. You get the drift.

These restaurants in Los Angeles are a taste of "old LA" or "classic LA" and they've been around forever. As anyone in the restaurant business knows, LA is a tough city to survive in. These places that have been serving for more than 50 years must have had something special. The cool part is that they still have it.

All of our picks for Classic & Famous Restaurants in Los Angeles are places that first opened pre-1950 and they are still tasty and worth the visit.

restaurants in los angeles
Canter's Deli
This landmark Jewish deli has been around since the 30s and is truly a classic. Not only is their menu ridiculously huge (they have everything, like peanut butter sandwiches in addition to the clasic matzo ball soup, lox and corned beef, etc) but they are also open 24 hours.

The waitresses, the food, the menu, the decor...nothing much has changed in over 50 years. And that is a good thing! More...

tommys burger los angeles restaurant
Tommy's Burger
The original location (the only one we go to of course) on Beverly has been around since 1946! Here you'll find only the messiest, greasiest, yummiest chili burgers and chili fries. Did I mention messy and yummy? Just an old classic burger stand where nothing much has changed and it is so bad for you it is irresistible.

Of all the burger joints in LA (and they are abundant) this is one of the classic local institutions that you can't miss! More...

classic los angeles fosters freeze
Foster's Freeze
This was the first soft serve ice cream stand in California, opened in 1946! Many original locations still operating around Los Angeles and ice cream as well as the rest of the menu is still classic. No indoor seating at most places, this is your classic ice cream and fast food stand.

Josh's dad has been going here since he was a kid...back when ice cream was a nickel and served with a wooden paddle! More...

philippe los angeles
Philippe the Original
Did you know that the French Dip Sandwich was invented in Los Angeles? Yep, right here at Philippe the Original and they have been serving them up for over 100 years! How is that for classic and famous?

Other than ordering the French Dip (which is a given) we always enjoy their homemade pickles, coleslaw and their own hot mustard. They also have a full menu and the prices are cheap! More...

pinks hot dogs
Pink's Hot Dogs
The most famous hot dog stand in LA, and one of the most famous restaurants in los angeles, Pink's is a Hollywood classic since the 30's, serving the poor and the rich and famous alike. The chili dogs are to die for, but the line is almost always long. But thats ok, its open late into the night to fulfil your cravings whenever they come.

From simple chili dogs to complex specials with double dogs, bacon, guacamole and just about anything else you can imagine topping a dog with, the menu here is actually quite extensive so there is something for everyone... Except those on a diet! More...

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